Youth Accounts

AGES 0-12

Berenstain Bears Cub Account

The Berenstain Bears Cub Aocount is a youth education program designed for children ages 0-12 that not only establishes a life-long relationship between them and your credit union, but also educates and engages these young members in healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime.

AGES 13-18

Teen Accounts

Our teen accounts are designed for young members aged 13-18. The program establishes and maintains a relationship with future adult members and helps them solidify their financial independence. Our teen accounts allow teens to have the freedom to spend money, but also allow them to understand the benefits of saving money while being part of a credit union.


Financial Programs

We offer Financial Programs for all of Okaloosa County Schools.... More info coming soon.... Contact Shea Boykin for details 850-902-7007!!

Did you know?

The same great electronic services you love are available to the Youth Accounts as well. Click here to learn more.